Automated error analytics

OneTrueError takes care of everything from detecting your errors to present possible solutions.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration into several different .NET frameworks. Just download one of our nuget packages.


We are the cure to "It works on my machine". We present what the non-working clients have in common.

Context information

OneTrueError collects context information automatically. Focus on correcting the error instead of trying to figure out why it happened.

User friendly UI

Our UI is built so that both product owners and developers can benefit from our service.

Product owners can get an overview and insight about how well the application is perfoming, while developers can dig deep into all collected error information.

StackOverflow integration

We search StackOverflow for possible solutions and present relevant questions directly in our UI.

Dead easy notifications

Want to know about error spikes? About new unique errors? About corrected errors that is dectected again? Clicking a simple checkbox is enough.

User feedback

We provide custom error pages where your users can leave feedback. All feedback is presented under the error in our UI.

Get started in less than two minutes.